Codegate 2011 Writeups Collection

So Codegate 2011 just wrapped up this past weekend and it was a great competition. Some very unique challenges to read over in the coming days but here is a collection of write ups I’ve found so far. If you find some that are missing feel free to comment and I’ll edit them in. I’m sure more will be published in the coming days on Twitter using #codegate. Enjoy!

Sourcecode for all the challenges…

Vuln 100 (French)

Vuln 200

Vuln 300

Vuln 400

Vuln 500

Issue 100

Issue 200

Issue 300

Issue 400

Issue 500

Forensic 100 (French)

Forensic 200 (French)

Forensic 300 (colombian)

Forensic 400

Forensic 500

Crypto 100

Crypto 200

Crypto 300

Crypto 400

Crypto 500

Binary 100 (French)

Binary 200

Binary 300

Binary 400

Binary 500

Network 100

Network 200

Network 300

Network 400

Network 500

~ by malwareninja on March 8, 2011.

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