Well after the disappointing take down of I took it upon myself to mirror the crackmes (thanks for the inspiration @darelgrif) as well as the solutions that were on that site. Please find the following linked zip that contains almost 1000 crackme’s for all levels. Solutions will be coming in the following days. Please enjoy and mirror/spread. Nothing disappears once it’s been posted on the internet. If your curious how I did this python and urllib2 scraped the links from a popular archiving site. Enjoy! collection mirror #1 collection mirror #2 collection mirror #3 collection mirror #4 collection mirror #5 collection mirror #6

Solutions are below. solutions mirror#1 solutions mirror#2 solutions mirror#3

~ by malwareninja on May 13, 2011.

15 Responses to “ mirror”

  1. I salute you sir. I cannot tell you how much I thank you for this. See, recently I got into reverse engineering, and I could not find any good crackmes, as was taken down, but now, I have a lot of good crackmes :D. You are right, nothing disappears once it’s been posted on the internet. Once again, thanks!

    P. S. Do you think that will ever be back?

  2. Salute you sir. You did a great job. I will share these mirror on different forums so that different people will get this.

    Hope,, & will be back soon 😦

  3. You did great job, thanks.

  4. Thanks.

  5. You. Are. Le. Gen.. wait for it… Dary.

  6. […] offline for some time now due to an ‘abuse’ complaint. Someone has now made available a mirror of all the crackmes and solutions. Get it before it gets taken down. Categories: Uncategorized […]

  7. Thanks!

  8. binverse is a crap, somebody upload to piratebay or similar

  9. would you mind sharing your python script?

  10. thanks for the mirror

  11. Thank you very much!

  12. How do I know the difficulty level of the crackme?

  13. Hey there,

    Thanks for your effort in getting the site archived somewhere.

    I once wrote a solution to a crackme and posted it on (you can see my post on it here: )

    I have since lost my copy of the solution thanks to various backup failures. I was hoping that my solution would be included in the archive that you uploaded but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in there.

    So here’s a pie-in-the-sky request. Do you happen to have a copy of it lying around? If you do, please ping an email here:

    Thanks very much for your help!
    OJ / TheColonial

  14. Down again! Can you repost the links please? Much appreciated 🙂

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